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All rights reserved 2016 - The Paradise Builders is a not-for-profit initiative
An open-ended and unprecedented social experiment.
• An idyllic, uninhabited tropical island• A diet before fire• A group of strangers embarked on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and awakening• An upcoming documentary portraying the genesis and life of the Paradise Builders tribe
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1. Why? The driving force behind The Paradise Builders is the study of human nature within its original evolutionary context. Modern culture wants us to believe that our early ancestors were violent, brutal and ruthless savages. Evidence hinting towards the nature of early human life points to the exact opposite. Instead, it is agriculture and consequently civilization that took mankind out of its natural equilibrium. Post-agricultural societies created the conditions for the worst of human behavior to develop. We believe that we, humans beings, just like any other living creature on Earth, are designed for a genetically-set way of life. Many problems in our world today may simply come from the fact that we do not live the life for which we are genetically built. Inversely, a dietary environment, living environment, social environment, political environment and cultural environment that truly fits the human genetic heritage may offer greater chances of well being, fulfillment and happiness. We are convinced that widening our understanding of who we are and how we function as a species is key to solving the physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering so omnipresent in people and cultures around the world. We are seeking clues that could help make the world a better, more livable place for present and future generations. Our fields of study include human nutrition, biology, alternative medicine, botany, agroforestry, anthropology, genetics, cognitive neuroscience, sociology, environmental sciences, sexology, sustainable architecture, evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, the science of consciousness, and many others. We are two founding members who have a strong desire for a community of truth seekers. We welcome people of all age, nationality and race who are, like us, in search of answers about who we are (as a species and as individuals) and what our natural position in the Earth's ecosystem should be.  2. How? With the Paradise Builders, our aim is to recreate or mimic living conditions that where prevalent in pre-agricultural societies before the mastering of fire. The Paradise Builders social experiment is meant to be a living laboratory that may generate clues about the true nature of human beings when allowed to live within the conditions in which they have evolved. The general intention behind The Paradise Builders is not the promotion of our early ancestors' way of life at the expense of technological and cultural development, but rather harmonize human nature, environment, technology and lifestyle in order to shape a better future for ourselves and our planet. The social experiment will starts with a core group of 6-8 people. The original core group will welcome new tribe members up to a total of 40 people on an uninhabited island in South East Asia. a. A diet before fire - Eating food the way it is given by Nature. One aspect of The Paradise Builders is the application of an all-raw hunter-gatherer diet in a semi-wild or wild environment. This particular diet is pretty much the way our paleolithic ancestors ate prior to the control of fire. Unlike modern diets, an all-raw hunter-gatherer diet is based on biodiversity and therefore supporting the eco-system instead of destroying it. The diet consists of an annual average of:• 50% fruits and honey• 20% vegetables, roots and leaves• 30% protein and fatty rich foods such as coconuts, avocados, nuts and occasionally, animal foods. The absence of staple foods such as wheat, corn or rice and the exclusion of all forms of processing allows for a perfect integration of human beings into the ecosystem. Gathering their own food and consuming it by instinct in a raw unprocessed state will ultimately help participants become one with the island. They will intrinsically be a part of its life and natural symphony. Because it is so deeply interwoven with the origin of our species, the all-raw paleolithic diet is the mother of all human diets. b. Open relationships - A new paradigmBesides the dietary aspect, tribe members will agree to a polyamorous lifestyle, meaning allow themselves to love more than one person whenever affinities naturally arise. We see sexual intimacy as the most important pathway for the expression of love. Sex and love combined are the cement for social bonding and group cohesion.The entire tribe will live under the same roof and just as for early humans, participant will have to learn to live and coexist in an open, but yet comfortable shelter with no walls nor doors. c. Sustainability and self-sufficiencyThe tribe will develop diverse food sources in order to make life on the island sustainable —all of which will be done with an absolute respect of the existing ecosystem. The goal is to reach complete self-sufficiency within the first 5 years. The tribe will explore the application of radically new post-agricultural concepts such as permaculture, food-forest and food-trails (see definition below) **. Shelter will be provided in the form of a comfortable, maintenance free house specially designed for tropical climates. Creativity and artistic expression is highly encouraged therefore, musical instruments, painting, carving, writing and sculpting tools are welcome on the island. Ocean kayaks and outriggers will be used for close to shore fishing and fun. Satellite internet will be available on the island for research and communication with Universities and researchers around the world. Renewable energy sources will provide power for light, cameras and general scientific research. To minimize the environmental footprint only locally grown plant products and sea salt will be used for personal hygiene and cosmetics. (**) Definitions: The term food-forest refers to the concept of using the forest as food reservoir by applying an innovative growing technique, which consists of the integration of fruit trees and vegetables into the forest without cutting the existing mature, non-fruit bearing trees.The term food-trails refers to a recently-developed hypothesis stating that ancient hunter-gatherer tribes used to modify the forest environment way prior to agriculture by eating fruit while walking on hunting trails and dumping the seeds along these trails, which over time create food corridors within the forest. This occurrence unconsciously generated at first, most certainly became a more and more conscious practice over time.  3. Who? The Paradise Builders is a branch project of the Institute of Genetic Anthropology —A non-profit organization which role is to study all aspect of human life from a evolutionary and biological perspective in hope of finding clues that may improve people lives around the world. IGA was created in 2006 by Roman Devivo and Antje Spors who dedicated most of their lives to the study of paleodiets and human nature. All proceedings of the distribution of The Paradise Builders documentaries and internet programs will sponsor scientific research at the Institute of Genetic Anthropology for the advancement of the understanding of human nature and the improvement of the human condition. For more information visit  4. When? We are currently accepting applications. If pre-selected, you will be invited to join us for the initial three-week trial period. Send your application by clicking the link below.  5. Where? A 700 acre uninhabited island located in South East Asia.  6. Join us We are looking for people who are genuinely interested in being part of a polyamorous research group on a long term basis. We welcome people of all ages (18 and up) all nationalities and all races. Fluent english is a must. Besides the plane ticket to get to us and a small contribution of US$10 a day for the initial three-week trial period, joining is absolutely free. After the trial period, together we will decide if it makes sense for you to become part of the lasting social experiment. Please be aware that nudity, even though by no means a dominant aspect of the documentary and life on the island, may occasionally be part of it. It is important to us that you ask yourself if you are comfortable with that aspect before applying knowing that private parts will be blurred in all footage.  8. Before you apply - Frame of the Social Experiment and Basic Rules Diet and Health• Apply a all-raw hunter-gatherer diet while on the island.• Consume only foods in their natural raw state. No cooking, no processing, no mixing, no seasoning and no recipes.• A minimum of daily physical activity is mandatory, ideally in connection with food harvesting, fishing and hunting.• Commitment to reach for the highest level of physiological and psychological well-being. Love, sex and relationships• Live according to the principles of polyamory only. No deliberately closed-up couples.• Acceptance of the concept of bisexuality. No homophobia.• Allow oneself absolute emotional and sexual freedom only limited by the pain, discomfort and/or negative feedback of other tribe members.• Willingness to put "ALL cards on the table" during conflict resolutions.• Full emotional and intellectual honesty is required at all times.• Commitment to reach for the highest level of happiness and harmony in one self and amongst other tribe members. General tribe rules• Commitment to the truth regardless of whatever it may be.• Willingness to reevaluate ones personal value systems in the light of the new paradigm one is confronted with during the experiment.• Commitment to adopt a permanent state of self-questioning concerning all aspects of life.• No cosmetics, no shampoos nor other chemicals allowed on the island.• No drugs regardless if they are legal or not.• Adopt a strict leave-no-trace policy.• Willingness to be filmed occasionally and grant authorization the use of all footage for research and documentaries.  9. Apply a. fill-in an application form.* b. We will get back to you within 10 days in the event you have been pre-selected. c. At this stage, we would like to talk to you over the phone or Skype for an in-person interview and answer any question you may have. d. We will send you must- read material that present the theoretical foundations behind the Paradise Builders experiment. e. Pre-selected participants are invited to join us for a 3-week get together, which will allows you and us to determine if there is enough chemistry for a long-term collaboration on this project. f. If after the initial trial period you are still ready to jump into the full experience, you are now an official Paradise Builder.
The Paradise Builders